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As a founder and lead physician at Wellness at Century City, Dr. Jessica Cho’s mission is to educate, empower and heal patients by integrating the most effective treatments available
across Eastern and Western medicine. Over the last 20+ years Dr. Cho has successfully addressed her patients’ needs using a multi-faceted lens and treating them through bio-identical hormones, IV nutrition therapy, heavy metal detoxification, acupuncture & cupping to heal low energy, poor sleep, brain fog, weight issues, and hormonal and immunological imbalances. She is a firm believer that the key to good health is to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms.

“To me, wellness is not the absence of disease, but rather a life of happiness, health and vitality,” Dr. Cho says. “Thus getting to know everything about my patients is paramount, so that I can set them on a journey to rebuild their health and lives.”

Dr. Cho’s wellness plans begin with her executive physical examination that is her gateway into optimizing well-being by creating balance. As one of her most popular services for her integrative weight loss program, the executive physical uncovers many of the root causes of complex physical, hormonal, and emotional imbalances and deficiencies. Her physical starts with an in-depth consultation and employs blood tests not only to unravel the present status of health, but also to predict the trajectory of future health by uncovering underlying risk factors such as cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and dementia. A detailed body analysis, in addition to heart and lung studies, enables Dr. Cho to understand the complete breakdown of the patient’s weight and metabolic rate to design the most effective vitamin shots and various IV therapies. Lastly, Dr. Cho has introduced Sculpsure, the latest laser to bring about desired body contouring, as well as a built-in acupuncture and cupping session that invites patients to experience healing through total wellness of their body, mind, and spirit.