Executive Physical

Executive Physical

About Executive Physical

Dr. Cho integrates holistic Eastern medicine with modern science at Wellness at Century City, focusing on understanding and optimizing your health and wellness for the future. She delves into the root causes of health issues, offering both immediate and long-term solutions. Her executive physical exams are comprehensive, considering not just medical symptoms but also lifestyle, upbringing, values, relationships, and past traumas. Dr. Cho’s approach is designed to serve patients globally, aiming for a life of health, happiness, and vitality.

Executive Physical Q&A

What happens at a comprehensive physical?

The comprehensive physical includes everything from a thorough review of your medical history, a physical exam, essential medical stuides including EKG, Pulmonary Function Test, and Total Body Composition Analysis, and Urine Analysis and Blood tests which go beyond the basic tests looking for presence or absence of disease, but to delve into deeper fundamentals to establish optimal foundatin of health and well-being. Below are blood test menu:


  • Complete blood cell (CBC) count, which evaluates white and red blood cell counts and your platelets
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel-Liver/Kidney function, fasting sugar, electrolytes/minerals like Calcium/magnesium & minerals 
  • Lipid Profile 
  • Thyroid Panel: TSH, FT4, FT3 (true metabolic function)
  • Cortisol: Stress hormone 
  • Insulin level, to evaluate your risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes
  • HS-CRP (High-sensitivity C-reactive protein): a marker of inflammation
  • Vitamin Level: Vit D3, Vit B12, Folate
  • Autoimmune Screen:ANA
  • Immunity
  • Anemia Panel: Iron, TiBC saturation, Ferritin 
  • Hormone Evaluation: Estradiol, Progesteroine, DHEA-s, Total & Free Testosterone 


Dr. Cho also does a nutrition review with particular attention to your intake of Vitamin B12, Folate, and minerals. Other tests included with a comprehensive physical include

  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs)
  • Total Body Composition testing

What is included in the executive physical?

You’ll get all the exams and tests conducted during the comprehensive physical, plus more. All of the blood test in concierge physical is done within the house, thus no extra cost for the patient even for the specialty test.  Dr. Cho also offers an anti-aging hormone evaluation with IGF-1 in Concierge Physical.

What are EKGs and PFTs?

An EKG is an electrocardiogram, which is a noninvasive test that checks the electrical activity of your heart. During the test, you’ll sit or lie comfortably with a series of electrode wires attached to the skin on your chest, arms, and legs. The test only lasts about 10 minutes, during which time your heart rhythms are recorded.

PFTs, or pulmonary function tests, are a group of noninvasive tests that evaluate your breathing and how well your lungs work. The tests may show your lung capacity and your metabolic lung age, and they also evaluate you for allergies and asthma. For some tests, you breathe normally, and for others, you may need to inhale or exhale forcefully. Dr. Cho will explain the tests and answer your questions.

What specialized tests does Dr. Cho offer?

In addition to the wellness physicals and tests above, Dr. Cho can also do a specific cardiovascular blood profile and 5 cancer markers of the liver, colon, breast, ovary, and pancreas. You may also benefit from evaluations of your genetics on Cardiovascular risk, Alzheimer’s disease & Dementia, Mental health predisposition as well as measurements of underlying hormones involved in healthy weight, including adiponectin and leptin which enlightens your unexplained weight gain.

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