Cerebrolysin: CNS Regeneration

Cerebrolysin: CNS Regeneration

About Cerebrolysin: CNS Regeneration

Boost Brain Health with Dr. Cho’s Cerebrolysin. Offering targeted support for cognitive enhancement and neuron protection, this program emphasizes personalized care and advanced treatment for dementia and Alzheimer’s. Experience Dr. Cho’s commitment to optimal well-being.

Cerebrolysin: CNS Regeneration Q&A

Cerebrolysin is a bioengineered peptide that combines several nerve growth factors to help promote its function in the cerebrospinal fluid to improve synapse function and protect neurons from free radical stress. This peptide improves the brain’s ability to self-repair by stimulating neurorecovery, helping to improve cognition and memory. Cerebrolysin is especially useful in patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease as studies have shown it reduces amyloid deposition which is a driving cause in the development of the disease. Because of its low molecular mass, cerebrolysin can easily penetrate the blood-brain barrier to reach neurons directly, allowing for neuronal stimulation, intracellular peptide synthesis, and neuronal protection.

Benefits Include:

While results of using Tesamorelin may vary from one patient to another, studies have shown that this peptide leads to a vast range of mental and physical benefits which include:

  • Used for treatment of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, traumatic brain injuries
  • Treats different forms of dementia (vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s disease)
  • Protecting brain cells and preventing deaths due to harmful conditions
  • Lowering inflammation in the brain
  • Helps recovery time in patients that have experienced an acute stroke
  • Repairs blood flow to the brain to help improve cognition, memory, and general function
  • Improving symptoms of depression
  • Improves function in Asperger’s and autistic patients
  • Improves motor functions in patients with cerebral palsy
  • Reduces oxidative stress on neurons and restores brain dopamine levels
  • Helps to reduce anxiety
  • Decreases brain levels of beta-amyloid deposits which are linked to alzheimer’s diseases
  • Improves brain cell communications

What You Need to Know:

Cerebrolysin is usually given as an injection to promote its travel throughout the body and to the brain. An oral form of this peptide is not available as they will typically be broken down in the gut without ever reaching their destination.