AOD-9604: Fat Burn/Weight Loss

AOD-9604: Fat Burn/Weight Loss

About AOD-9604: Fat Burn/Weight Loss

Embrace wellness with AOD-9604. Our exclusive Program offers personalized care for optimal health and weight management. Experience focused attention and advanced treatment for a revitalized you.

AOD-9604: Fat Burn/Weight Loss Q&A

Anti-Obesity Peptide AOD-9604 is a peptide naturally produced in our body as a part of the human growth hormone. It is among the rare peptides that have won FDA approval as a food supplement in the United States. The molecule is a peptide fragment that has been cut out of the C-terminus, whose amino acid (AA) sequence takes after the HGH lipolytic fragment. This region of the hormone derives from AAs 177 to 191 and is in control of our metabolism responsible for burning fats.

Recent clinical research studies have shown that AOD-9604 did show a reduction of body fat in the mid-abdominal area in obese, over-weight, and average built people.

Benefits of AOD-9604

AOD-9604 Peptide therapy has been shown to:

  • Reduce body fat
  • Trigger fat release from obese fat cells predominantly more than lean ones 
  • Mimic the way natural growth hormone regulates fat metabolism
  • Have no adverse effects on blood sugar or growth
  • Stimulate lipolysis
  • Inhibit lipogenesis (which is the transformation of non-fatty foods into body fat)
  • Have very favorable cartilage repair and regenerative properties, especially when paired with peptide BPC