Dynamic Women Article

Educating and empowering patients with truth and inspiration is what inspires Dr. Jessica Cho and drives Wellness at Century City. Dr. Cho has been healing patients for more than 20 years through integrative treatments that combine Eastern and Western medicine. This approach addresses the whole person using a multi-faceted lens and treats them through orchestrating bio-identical hormones, IV nutrition therapy, heavy metal detoxification, acupuncture, and cupping., and not just the symptoms. Dr. Cho is noted for success with complex medical issues from low energy, poor sleep, brain fog, weight issues, and hormonal and immunological imbalances.

What are the keys to successful treatment?

To me wellness is not the absence of disease, but rather a life of happiness, health and vitality. Because of this truth, getting to know everything about my patients is paramount. Disease is rooted in the emotional self, so when I speak the truth to them and make them see how important and valuable they are, it sets them on a journey to rebuild their health and their lives. Suddenly, despair turns to hope.

Share insights into your approach to weight loss.

We begin with a “Smart Start” that delves into root causes to commence healing imbalances and deficiencies. A detailed body analysis allows me to understand the complete breakdown of the patient’s weight and metabolic rate so that I can prescribe various fat-metabolizing vitamins and slimming IV therapy that can be complemented with Sculpsure, the latest laser technology that permanently destroys stubborn fat and brings about desired body-contouring.

How do you give back?

I conduct free clinics in my office to serve the community here at home and have been travelling globally to spread the compassion and love within my heart and share my skills with people in need. I have served Romani Gypsies in Bulgaria, the repressed Kurds in Turkey, Afghanistan refugees in Greece and worked at free medical clinics in South America. This is my true calling and is a driving force behind everything I do.