5 Reasons to Consider a Heavy Metal Detox

Each day, you’re exposed to at least 700 chemicals. Everything from the paint on your walls to the cleaning products in your home contains toxins, and many of the foods you eat have traces of heavy metals due to pesticides. Although extreme heavy metal poisoning doesn’t occur often, even small amounts of heavy metals can pose a threat to your health.

Do you suffer from chronic health problems that don’t have a known cause? Dr. Jessica Cho explains why it’s important to look into heavy metal detox.

1. Boosts your energy levels

Lead is a heavy metal that can cause fatigue. It’s found in kohl cosmetics, hair dyes, and some paints. Workers in certain industries have a higher risk of lead exposure. These include artists, construction workers, and police officers.

2. Improves brain function and focus

Do you have difficulties remembering new names or concentrating on your daily tasks? These could be symptoms of mercury poisoning. Certain types of fish (e.g., tuna and mackerel) contain heavy amounts of mercury, as do dental amalgams. A heavy metal detox can help you improve your cognitive function by addressing the cause of mercury bioaccumulation.

3. Prevents endocrine disorders

Regular testing for heavy metals can prevent serious endocrine disorders in both men and women. Research shows that exposure to heavy metals may increase your chances of infertility and disrupt the activity of insulin, the hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar. Prolonged exposure can lead to type 2 diabetes.

4. Improves breathing issues

Exposure to cadmium can lead to breathing issues that are often mistaken for allergic reactions and mild asthma. Unfortunately, many people are exposed to small quantities of cadmium because it’s found in pesticides, tobacco smoke, and household products.

5. Treats anemia

You can develop anemia from prolonged exposure to arsenic, and you’re more likely to become anemic if you live near a waste site or smoke tobacco. Eating arsenic-contaminated foods also increases your chances of developing anemia. Some research shows that rice contains more arsenic than any other food crops.

Find out if heavy metals are causing your health issues. First, Dr. Cho runs a couple of tests to analyze the heavy metal levels in your body. Based on the lab results, she can determine the cause of your symptoms and explain what you can do to combat your health problems. If you live in Los Angeles, California, and are afraid that exposure to chemicals might be causing you health issues, contact Dr. Cho to schedule an appointment.

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