BH Magazine Article

As a physician, my passion is educating and empowering my patients with truth and inspiration.
To me, wellness is not the absence of disease, but rather a life of happiness, health, and vitality. My medical wisdom is rooted in integrative treatments and a command of Western and Eastern medicine. My interdisciplinary background provides a variety of tools that help patients achieve success. Rather than focusing on symptoms, I address the whole person using a multi-faceted lens and treat them through orchestrating peptide therapy, bio-identical hormones, intravenous nutrition, heavy metal detoxification, and vitamin shots. I welcome the challenge of treating a wide range of complex medical issues spanning from low energy and poor sleep to hormonal and immunological imbalances.

Helping patients with integrative weight loss by delving into the root causes has been a point of pride in my practice over the past 25 years. Only after the “how” and “why” are revealed and resolved can patients commence healing these imbalances and deficiencies. After a detailed analysis of the total body composition, I can begin to understand the complete breakdown of the patient’s weight as well as their metabolic rate. It is then that the patient can experience a kick-start on weight loss with various fat-metabolizing vitamins and slimming IV therapy. This can be complemented with our newest body contouring and strengthening technologies, which include EmSculpt NEO, EmTone, EmSella and Sculpsure. EmSculpt NEO uses electromagnetic (EMHIF+) and radiofrequency (RF) energy to burn fat and build muscle, EmTone uses pressure and thermal energy to break down cellulite and tighten skin, EmSella uses electromagnetic energy to strengthen pelvic muscles, and SculpSure uses the latest laser technology to permanently destroy fat cells. Lastly, I create alchemies of natural remedies – herbs, vitamins, and nutrition – to rejuvenate and rebuild their foundation of health in the most personalized way. In this journey of discovery and healing, patients are not only able to experience breakthroughs in weight loss, but it becomes natural, effortless, and an indicator of total wellness and harmony of their body, mind, and spirit.